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Metro 2 Letters DFY 2 Rounds

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Are you struggling with structuring your Metro 2 letters to get the best results? 

Did you know there are several different Metro 2 letters that target different credit scenarios. 

Let New Credit Inc draft your round of  letters for you, we email the letters back to you for you to mail to the bureaus yourself. We take the 🧠 out the process for you. Let us handle the hard part while you just relax and prepare to mail your letters and get great results. 

Disclaimer : This is not a credit repair program, you are not enrolled in the Metro 2 Sweep program. You are responsible for mailing your letters and keeping up with your results. New Credit Inc is only responsible for creating your letters. Some letters can range from 5-15 pages. 

Please allow 24-48 hours during business hours for letters to be drafted and emailed. If you need further clarification on this process please purchase a consultation first.