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Financial literacy is essential for assisting young people in effectively managing their money to become financially stable, build assets, and achieve their personal goals. Decisions made in early adulthood can have lasting financial consequences. More training programs that increase the number of financially literate citizens who can make better and wiser financial decisions in their own lives are needed as a society. Such programs are beneficial not only to the individual but also to society. The 2008 financial crisis demonstrated that poor financial decisions made by individuals had a negative impact on our country.


After starting her credit repair company, Ashley quickly realized that there was a need for such a program. The youth needs guidance from adults in more ways than one. Ashley says, "I'm big on breaking generational curses, and the youth holds a soft spot in my heart. I wanted to give them a fresh start, teach them things we didn't learn as young adults."


Ashley Loveless Cunningham, CEO Ash Da Life Changer, is often called the "Lady Who Leaves Nothing On the Table." Born and raised in Mobile, AL, Ashley is a serial entrepreneur. In addition to running her successful credit repair business, she has been fortunate to own and operate several other companies, leading Ashley to begin her coaching career. As a new industry mentor, Ashley hopes to return the love, passion, and joy she has received over the years.