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  • Delete That Crap Letter
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Delete That Crap Letter

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Introducing our powerful weapon: the "Delete that Crap" Letter. This persuasive and meticulously crafted letter is your secret to challenging the credit bureaus' misleading claims, using the full force of consumer law and the U.S.C. codes to your advantage.

Section 623 of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and Regulation V, USC 1681 a, b, c grant you the right to accurate and verifiable information on your credit report. Don't let the bureaus trample on your rights any longer!

With our "Delete that Crap" Letter, you will:

  1. Demand Proper Verification: Force the credit bureaus to provide valid proof of verification for the disputed accounts. We'll help you call their bluff and expose any lack of evidence or negligence on their part.

  2. Invoke Consumer Law: Leverage the power of Section 1681s-c of the FCRA, which mandates a thorough investigation into your disputes and requires the bureaus to act in good faith to rectify inaccuracies promptly.

  3. Restore Your Credit Power: By holding the bureaus accountable, you can potentially have these inaccurate accounts wiped clean from your credit report, restoring your financial reputation and boosting your creditworthiness.

But that's not all! Our expertly crafted "Delete that Crap" Letter is designed to maximize your chances of success. It includes:

✓ Clear and Persuasive Language: We've carefully crafted the letter with powerful and compelling arguments to convince the bureaus to take immediate action.

✓ Detailed Information Requests: Our letter demands specific details about the verification process, including the names, dates, and methods employed. We leave no room for vague or evasive responses.

✓ Legal Authority Citations: We provide references to the relevant sections of the FCRA and Regulation V, USC, clearly establishing your rights and the bureaus' obligations under the law.

Take the first step towards reclaiming your credit power and deleting that crap from your credit report. Our "Delete that Crap" Letter is your weapon of choice to demand accuracy, fairness, and justice!

Don't let inaccurate accounts hold you back any longer. It's time to wield your rights, assert your authority, and restore your creditworthiness.